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Before Arrival & Cruise Tips

Before Arrival & Cruise Tips

First of all do not forget to bring your camera!

Packing before arrival: Comfortable, informal clothing and equally comfortable shoes are a must for trekking around cities as well as ancient sites during your blue cruise holiday. Soft or rubber soled footwear or boat shoes on the boat. Wear standard shoes and sandals for on-shore use only. For land tours a pair of long and light trousers and a shirt or T-shirt is advisable. During the summer months, you'll need lightweight clothing, T-shirts, shorts and lightweight cotton slacks, jeans and shirts. In April and May and from mid-September through October, evenings and even days may be cool, so please bring a sweater, sweatshirt or pullover. You'll probably want to bring at least two swimsuits along with some beach towels - as these are not supplied on all of the yacht chartersY.

Life on a boat will generally be informal, so please keep in mind you don’t need big luggage. Besides hard suitcases are difficult to store in the cabins, soft bags are more suitable. Please do not forget to bring your medicines, allergy pills or medicine for seasickness for the first time cruisers. If you have small children with you their special needs for food or care.

Towels/bed linen: On all our boats we supply hand towels and towels for showers. You will need to bring your own beach/swimming towels. Bedding is also provided by us (on standard boats once a week there is a change of bedding & hand towels).

Embarking: It is possible to board the gulet from around 16.00, if you arrive earlier than this it may be possible for you to leave your luggage on the boat while the preparations are completed.

Disembarking: On your departure day you will need to disembark the gulet after breakfast, at around 10.00am.

Power/electricity: The electricity on most of the yacht run over 12 or 24 Volt. Most of the traditional gulets have generators for 220 V which runs a few hours during the day-time and on the evening for charging the batteries, refrigerators, deep freezers, and also for air-condition. Please turn off the lights when you are not use in the cabins and everywhere - this will save the boat’s batteries and won’t attract mosquitoes. Electrical appliances may only be connected while the yacht is tied up to land. Please consider this if you want to take battery-run or electric shavers, videos etc. And be sure to leave your hair dryer back home, as it is better to dry your hair under the sun.

Fresh water & hot water: Water supply on board is obviously limited. The boat carries tanks of fresh water, which are filled at regular intervals and wherever possible, however, to avoid a water shortage, please be economical. We keep the water in the galvanized tanks so it is drinkable, but we don't recommend this. Water is heated by the boat engine and by electricity so it is very hot after the engine has been running, and remains hot 24 hours a day.

Cabins: All yacht cabins are of similar design with comfortable beds, 2 portholes, ensuite shower room and hanging cupboard. We provide blankets, covered pillows, sheets for each person.

Airconditioned cabins: Standart plus , luxe & deluxe gulets have airconditioned cabins. A/C usage is limited to 6 hours a day and A/C stops while docked in harbours and after midnight.

Bathrooms & showers: Each cabin has an ensuite shower with hot and cold water (shower hose pulls out from washbasin), a proper toilet, mirror and portholes. The boat has large holding tanks for dirty water. There is also a fresh water shower on deck for use after swimming.

WC, toilets: Toilets on board are electric marine toilets. A boat toilet is very complex & sensitive machinery that gets very easily blocked. Therefore please do not put any toilet paper or sanitary products down the toilets on board. Use the rubbish bin in the bathroom which will be emptied daily by the crew.

Deck: Most of the deck area is teak wood. There is lots of space on the decks for sunbathing, chatting, eating, drinking, reading, playing backgammon (front deck, aft deck, upper deck, flying bridge deck). We have sun beds, tables, chairs and games available. If it gets too sunny we have sun tents and shaded areas, if it gets to windy please watch your belongings.

Please do not use sun oil on the decks, just lotion. Oil may cause slippery surface specially on front deck. Life Jackets: The life jackets are stored under the beds in all cabins and in the common sitting area.

Smoking: For safety reasons, smoking is prohibited in the cabins. Smoking is only permitted on deck areas and in the lounge. Please dispose of butts in the available ashtrays and take note of the fire safety instructions in your cabin.

Shoes: The gulet is your home during the cruise. Whilst on board, please don’t wear any outdoor footwear. Flipflops and soft-soled shoes for getting around on deck is possible. Walking barefoot is the pleasure on the board. You will need trainers of walking sandals for trips ashore.

Itinerary: Very occasionally, due to certain circumstances such as weather or passenger/boat safety, your itinerary may have to be changed. When this does occur, please remember that the captain’s decision is final. We cruise daily for a couple of hours, every day two to three bays will be visited. Our cruises are normally done with the motor and only when there is favorable wind can the sails be raised. It is possible in some bays to go ashore with the dinghy and some nights may be spent in harbors where you can get off the boat to explore the area on foot. There are many places of interest to see, you may do this independently or on inquiry we can help with arranging vehicles for land tours, local guides or if you would prefer a tour guide (for various languages) for your whole trip on board.

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